Visualization of High-Order Meshes and Functions GLVis logo

Accurate visualization of general finite element meshes and functions in the de Rham complex requires finite element knowledge that may not be present in visualization tools employed by applications. The visualization needs to account for the orders of the mesh and solution fields, as well as the type of finite element basis used for each of them.

An additional challenge for high-order meshes and functions is that there is no common community standard for the description of high-order data at arbitrary other.

CEED is working with visualization and application teams to develop a standard that not only improves visualization capabilities but also enables consistent data transfer between high-order applications.

Our work is based on the current capabilities in MFEM, illustrated in its native GLVis visualization tool, as well as in the VisIt visualization and data analysis application.

This is an active area of research for our team and we are interested in collaboration.

Stay tuned for more details...