Hardware Thrust HW image

The goal of CEED's Hardware (HW) thrust, led by Jack Dongarra from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is to build a two-way (pull-and-push) collaboration with vendors, where the CEED team will develop hardware-aware technologies (pull) to understand performance bottlenecks and take advantage of inevitable hardware trends, and vendor interactions to seek (push) impact and improve hardware designs within the ECP scope.

In addition to maintaining a close connection with ECP vendors, the HW thrust is a connection point for the MPI, OpenMP, and compiler-related work in the ECP. Members of the HW team are also actively involved with the batched BLAS standardization efforts.

The HW thrust participates in a variety of co-design activities, both with ECP hardware vendors and within CEED miniapps, to explore optimal data locality and motion and to enhance the scalability and parallelism of high-order algorithms.