Software Thrust Code image

The goal of CEED's Software (SW) thrust, led by Jed Brown from University of Colorado Boulder, is to participate in the development of software libraries and frameworks of general interest to the scientific computing community, facilitate collaboration between CEED software packages, enable integration into and/or interoperability with overall ECP software technologies stack, streamline developer and user workflows, maintain testing and benchmarking infrastructure, and coordinate CEED software releases.

In addition to maintaining a close connection with ECP software technologies projects, the SW thrust develops continuous integration and performance regression testing for CEED, helps with the benchmarking suite and implements support for package managers, such as Spack. Members of the SW team are also actively involved with the matrix-free solvers work and the efforts in general interpolation and visualization of high-order meshes and functions.

The SW thrust participates in a variety of co-design activities such as the coordination of the design of CEED's APIs and the identification of common kernels and their regimes of relevance relative to the parent application.