CEED Annual Meeting

August 3-4, 2021

Virtual Meeting on Zoom + Slack



CEED will hold its fifth annual meeting August 3-4, 2021 virtually using ECP Zoom for videoconferencing and Slack for side discussions. The goal of the meeting is to report on the progress in the center, deepen existing and establish new connections with ECP hardware vendors, ECP software technologies projects and other collaborators, plan project activities and brainstorm/work as a group to make technical progress. In addition to gathering together many of the CEED researchers, the meeting will include representatives of the ECP management, hardware vendors, software technology and other interested projects.


If you plan to attend, please register no later than July 27th. There is no registration fee.

Meeting format

The meeting will include the following elements:

Live presentations and wrap-up will be on ECP Zoom (links to be posted the week of the meeting).

Side discussions and breakout sessions will be on the meeting Slack space -- Please join in advance.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting activities will take place 10:30am-6:00pm eastern time (7:30am-3:00pm pacific).

Moderators will be unmuted to provide some auditory feedback. They will also monitor chat, relay questions and lead in the applause!

Monday, August 2

Time (PDT) Time (EDT) Activity Moderator
9:30-12:30 12:30-3:30 Test / Setup Zoom + Slack Tzanio Kolev

Tuesday, August 3

Time (PDT) Time (EDT) Activity Moderator
7:30-8:00 10:30-11:00 Welcome & CEED Overview
Tzanio Kolev (LLNL)
Paul Fischer
8:00-9:30 11:00-12:30 CEED talks
CEED researchers
Tzanio Kolev
9:30-10:00 12:30-1:00 Break
• side discussions on Slack
• propose breakout topics
10:00-12:00 1:00-3:00 Applications Thrust
AD collaborators, Application researchers
Misun Min
12:00-12:30 3:00-3:30 Group Photo & Break
• side discussions on Slack
12:30-1:00 3:30-4:00 Breakout Sessions Topics
• discuss/finalize topics for parallel technical discussions
• e.g. new BPs, solvers, meshing, visualization, ...
Tzanio Kolev
1:00-2:30 4:00-5:30 Technical Discussions
• parallel sessions on Slack
2:30-3:00 5:30-6:00 Day 1 Wrap-up Tzanio Kolev

Wednesday, August 4

Time (PDT) Time (EDT) Activity Moderator
7:30-9:30 10:30-12:30 Software Thrust
ST collaborators, Software researchers
Jed Brown
9:30-10:00 12:30-1:00 Break
• side discussions on Slack
• propose breakout topics
10:00-12:30 1:00-3:30 Hardware Thrust
Vendors, Hardware researchers
Stanimire Tomov
12:00-12:30 3:00-3:30 Break
• side discussions on Slack
12:30-2:30 3:30-5:30 Technical Discussions
• parallel sessions on Slack
2:30-3:00 5:30-6:00 Meeting Wrap-up Tzanio Kolev



For questions, please contact the meeting organizers at ceed-meeting@llnl.gov.