First CEED annual meeting to be held at LLNL

CEED will hold its first annual meeting in August, 2017 at the HPC Innovation Center of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The goal of the meeting is to report on the progress in the center, deepen existing and establish new connections with ECP hardware vendors, ECP software technologies projects and other collaborators, plan project activities and brainstorm/work as a group to make technical progress.

In addition to gathering together many of the CEED researchers, the meeting will include representatives of the ECP management, hardware vendors, software technology and other interested projects.

Please contact the CEED team if you are interested in attending.

GPU Hackathon 2017

Nek/CEED team participated the GPU Hackathon 2017 that was held in Brookhaven National Laboratory on June 5-9, 2017.

Our team focused on performing and tuning GPU-enabled Nek5000/Nekbone/NekCEM version on large-scale GPU systems for small modular reactor, thermal fluids, and meta-materials modeling.

Workshop on Batched, Reproducible, and Reduced Precision BLAS

The second Workshop on Batched, Reproducible, and Reduced Precision BLAS was held in Atlanta, GA on February 23-25, 2017 including many members of the CEED MAGMA team.

The goal of this workshop was to touch on extending the Basic Linear Algebra Software Library (BLAS). The existing BLAS have proven to be very effective in assisting portable, efficient software for sequential and some of the current class of high-performance computers. New computational needs in many applications have motivated the need to investigate the possibility of extending the currently accepted standards to provide greater parallelism for small size operations, reproducibility, and reduced precision support.

Of particular interest to CEED is the use of batched BLAS for finite element tensor contractions, and thus our team is interested in the establishment of a batched BLAS standard, highly-optimized implementations, and support from vendors on various architectures.

This is the second workshop of an open forum to discuss and formalize details related to batched, reproducible, and reduced precision BLAS. The agenda and the talks from the first workshop can be found here.

Software release: MFEM v3.3

Version 3.3 of MFEM, a lightweight, general, scalable C++ library for finite element methods and a main partner in CEED, was released on January 28, 2017 at

The goal of MFEM is to enable high-performance scalable finite element discretization research and application development on a wide variety of platforms, ranging from laptops to exascale supercomputers.

It has many features, including:

Some of the new additions in version 3.3 are:

MFEM is being developed in CASC, LLNL and is freely available under LGPL 2.1. For more details, see the interactive documentation and the full CHANGELOG.

CEED co-design center announced

The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) announced on November 11, 2016 its selection of four co-design centers, including CEED: the Center for Efficient Exascale Discretizations, which is a research partnership between Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Argonne National Laboratory; the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Virginia Tech; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Colorado University, Boulder; and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Additional news coverage can be found in LLNL Newsline and the ANL press release.