CEED Bake-off Problems (Benchmarks)

This page contains the specifications of CEED's bake-off problems: high-order kernels/benchmarks designed to test and compare the performance of high-order codes.

CEED Benchmarks Repository New

The CEED benchmarks repository is available at https://github.com/CEED/benchmarks and contains implementations for the CEED bake-off problems with MFEM and Nek5000 in the directories tests/mfem_bps and tests/nek5000_bps, respectively. See the included README.md files for more details.

Bake-off Problems Description

Bake-off Problems. We define our first four bake-off problems, denoted as BP1, BP2, BP3, and BP4.

Bake-off Problem Details. The following items describe the details common to all BPs:

Required output:

Terminology and Notation

Vector representation/storage categories:

Operator representation/storage/action categories:

Notes and Remarks